28 comments on “How to hack Facebook Account via Phishing:Detailed Guide.

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  2. when I save as, to a file and open with note it doesn’t save the same info as displayed on the source page… I tried it 3 times… viewing the sourse I see the text “action” that you posted but it’s not in the saved notepad file, I even tried control C/V to get it pasted and it changes that way also

    • @meri, are you saving the Facebook login page only. There are three “action” words in that page, you should paste at “action” related to login only.

  3. Hi, the page runs fine when someone clicks on my link, they are able to type their details in then are redirected to the “access denied” page. this is fine, however when the pass.txt doc is created and i open it, there is nothing there (user/pass) how to fix this?

    • @qqsoldierqq, where are your files loaded. If they are loaded in a free webhosting site, then the webhosting provider may be blocking your access.

  4. hello guys
    i just want to ask how to fix the problem of my phising site
    the pass.txt wont appear in the file pllssss help

  5. Whenever i open my webpage from byethost, it opens: parked-domain.org
    I have cross checked my steps. Why does this happen? Please HELP!!

  6. Hello admin i faced a problem ,when i upload phishing pages on webhosting site it suspend my account ,i dont know why ,please tell me if any way to bypass this security.
    I am thankful to you.

  7. i go to the control panel when i test it but no icons are there under files there is nothing so i cant go to file manager to see the details

  8. i test but does not work for the users on mac, when user click on link it directely takes them to free host website, but works in windows, any workaround for mac

  9. When I upload the index.html what i edited from facebook page. Its says in MY3gb.com
    “We are experiencing technical difficulties with our website at the moment. We are working to resolve this issue.”

    • @Timothy V Torres, It means the hosting service is facing some technical difficulties. Just try after some time.

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  11. “Find Next”. Look at the value of action.

    I can’t find find the bit after action…there isn’t any script that says login attempt on it.

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