16 comments on “SQL injection with Havij : Step by step guide.

  1. the site here is not working with my windows10 and others i got via google research all are encrypted and with passwords and without loader in the software……

    • @kayle kayler, the alternative download link for the tool is provided in the forums section of this website.

    • @Mahesh, this tool doesn’t depend on the language used by the website. Maybe the site isn’t vulnerable.

  2. the address i saw there was not helpful, pls i need an address that will help me get the file downloaded pls

  3. I found a few vulnerble sites.. ik can see the database.. when i click get tables i can see the tables, but when i select a few boxes and click “get colums” not hing is happening. On al sites i try i have this problem.. whats the reisonderdelen bevind this?

    • @Rgccevo, I hope you have prior permission to test these sites. Coming to your problem, first make sure that table has some columns. If that tsble has columns, what actually is the program saying.

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