29 comments on “How to install Kali Linux V2.0 sana in virtualbox

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  2. i cannot install kali in VB…..finishing the installation where it says “Failed to start the open vulnarebility assesment…………..” below that it only show two OK “Started network manager”
    “started mode manager”…….. plzz help what to do

  3. hi,, i hope you can help me,, im installing kali linux 2.0 on virtual machine on windows 7 then i followed every steps of creating virtual machine then after that i run it then when the menu pops out,, i only have 5 live menu settings,,, and i dont see the 3 installation options,, i wonder why,,, i tried to use kali linux amd64 then run it,, then the 3 installation options show but i couldnt finish it because my arch system is only 32 bit.. i tried to redownload the iso but still ending up with the same result,, got stuck with it
    Thanks In Advance

    • Hey PNCA24, I didn’t really get your question. Are you saying that there is no install option? If there is no install option, there can’t be five menu settings. Select the “Install” option. If you still face any problems, try this easiest guide.

  4. Thanks for the post.. But I am facing error in the install system step. Where it says that previous installation files are present and whether to proceed with the unclean target. When I select proceed it again pops up the same error. I tries uninstalling my virtualbox and starting it from scratch 3 times already but it shows the same error.

  5. I would also like to know if I can install kali Linux 64 bit version in my 32 bit windows pc (virtual box).. If yes… Wat should I do???

    • Hey seeker, it depends on your processor. If your processor supports 64bit machines you can install normally

  6. I have done everything as stated in your tutorial.
    when I click start on virtualbox it fails to load says
    (error 0c00 reading sector 1579814)
    Failed to load COM32
    The file is straight from there website and I downloaded the torrent Kali Linux 2.0 (32 bit)
    After downloading I checked the SHA1SUMS file to make sure it matched and everything checked out.
    Great tutorial by the way it was easy to follow every step, just wish I didn’t get this error any help would be much appreciated thanks.

  7. Hi Kanishka 10,
    Thank you for the tutorial is great I have 1 problem installing Additions my screen go’s blank in the virtual machine so I can’t finish the coding needed any idea’s to resolve the problem. Thanks Myke

  8. I am stacked up with “Loading, please wait…” window. and it is already for a very long time now. what should i do?

  9. dude,first of all than you for this tutorial,it cleard many of my doubts ,
    but it was showing that installing system …copying data from disk…after 80% completion it says that cant install the system…….and some options are coming on the screen

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