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We can easily install a web server in Windows Server 2012 using Microsoft Web Platform Installer. The Microsoft Web Platform Installer (Web PI) is a simple tool that installs the latest components of the Microsoft Web Platform including IIS, PHP, MYSQL and many others. It can be downloaded for free from here. In this tut we will install IIS, PHP and MYSQL using this tool.

Download and install Web Platform installer 4.6. Click on it.



Select the components you want to install. I have selected IIS, PHP and MYSQL.






After selecting the applications you want to install, click on “Install”. If you have selected MYSQL, it will prompt for a password to be set for MYSQL. Enter the password and click on “Continue”.



It will display a summary of components which will be installed. Click on “I Accept”.



After system finishes installing all the components, click on “Finish”. After the installation is finished, open your browser and see whether IIS8 installation has been successful. If the display shows the version of IIS displayed as below, then our web server installation has been  successful.



Now let’s test our php. Go to the root directory which is “%systemroot%/inetpub/root” in IIS and create a php file with the following script and save it as version.php ( in fact any name but with php extension. )



Now go to address “http://localhost/version.php” from the browser.



If it displays the version of the php installed, then our php installation has been successful. Hope this was helpful.

Apache is the most popular web server but Microsoft’s IIS  is fast gathering  pace. IIS 8  has introduced many popular features to the  Microsoft web server  to bring its competitive level on par with its counterparts. IIS 8 is only present in Windows Server 2012 and Windows 8. Today let’s see how to set up a web server in Windows Server 2012.

Open Server Manager, on the Local server click on “Add Roles and Features”.



The Add Roles and Features wizard appears. with a default warnings page. Click on “Next”. 



On the Installation type page, Select “Role based or Feature based selection” and click on “Next”.


On the Server Selection page, Select the server on which you want to install the web server. Since I have only one server installed, I selected that. Click on Next.


On the Server Roles page, select the role of “Web Server” and click on “Next”.



On the Features page, click on “Next” since we don’t need any additional features to be installed for the web server.



A web Server Role page opens which is somewhat like a summary  page. Click on “Next”.



A Role Services page opens. Select the services you want to install for your web server. If you are not sure, continue with the default services by clicking on “Next”.



On the Confirmation page, Click on “Install”.



The installation will take a few minutes. After the installation is finished, Click on “Close”.


To check if your web server is successfully installed, open Internet Explorer and type ‘localhost’. If you see the below IIS8 displayed, you have successfully installed a web server on your Windows Server 2012.