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Hi everybody, the much awaited Kali Linux V2.0 Sana has been released. It can be downloaded from here. Another good news is there is a new version of Oracle VirtualBox named version 5.o available for download here. So let us see how to install Kali Linux V2.o Sana in Virtualbox 5.0.

Open VirtualBox and click on New virtual machine wizard. The below window will open. Give the name you like for the virtual machine. Assign type as “Linux” and version as “Debian(32-bit)”. Assign memory size of atleast 768MB and select the option “Create a virtual hard disk now”. Click on “Create”.


Choose the location where you want your virtual machine to be located. Keep the file size atleast 15GB. If you prefer to use your virtual machine in any other virtualization software like Vmware(VMDK) or others, choose appropriately else select VDI. Leave the storage to be “Dynamically allocated”. Click on “Create”.


Now go to Virtual machine settings, click on “system settings”, on the “processor” tab check the option “Enable PAE/NX” and click on “OK”.


Now power on the virtual machine and browse to  the iso file you downloaded from the website. Click on “Start”.


When the Boot menu appears, select “Install”.


Select the language you prefer for installation process using “space” bar and hit on “Enter” after selecting.


Select your appropriate location.


Select the keymap you prefer.


Enter the hostname for your system. I named it as Kali. Hit on “Continue”.


Assign a domain name if you want. You can leave it blank if you want. Click on “Continue”.


Assign the password for root account.


Confirm the root password.


Select the partitioning option you prefer. If you are a newbie, select the first option as shown below.


Select the disk to format. Obviously you will have only one disk to format.


Select the partitioning scheme you prefer. If you are a new user, select the first option as recommended.


A summary of your selections is listed. Proceed to finish partitioning and write changes to the disk as shown below.


Select “Yes” to write changes to disk.


Select a network mirror if you want otherwise select “no”.


If you get stuck on a blue screen for a bit long time as shown below, don’t panic. Just wait for the system to finish its job.


Next, install the Grub bootloader when prompted to install.


Select the hard disk on which to install GRUB bootloader. Since we have not partitioned our hard disk, that would be second choice as shown below.


The system will start installing. Once the installation is finished as shown below, click on “Continue” to restart the system.


Once system reboots, enter username. The default username is “root”. Click on “Next”.


Next, enter the password. That would be the password you configured above. Hope you have not forgotten it.


The new Kali Linux V2.0 Sana will look like below. Congrats, you have successfully installed Kali Linux in virtualbox.  Next, let’s install Virtualbox guest additions.


Go to Devices and click on “Insert Guest Additions CD image” as shown below.


You will see a CD image on the Desktop as shown below. The system will automatically prompt you to run the CD.


But when you click on “Run”, you will get the error as shown below.


Now open a teminal. Type command “cd /media“. Next type “ls“. type “cd cdrom” and type “ls” once again as shown below.  The guest addition CD is mounted at the location cdrom and we just navigated to that location. Copy the highlighted file as shown below to the root directory by using command “cp VBoxLinuxAdditions.run /root”.


Now navigate to the root directory by typing command “cd /root” and type ls to see if the file has been successfully copied to the directory. Now change the permissions of the file by using command “chmod 755 VBoxLinuxAdditions.run” . Now let us execute the file by typing “./VBoxLinuxAdditions.run


The file will start executing as shown below. Once it finishes execution, restart the system.


If everything goes well, guest additions will be installed successfully.


If you face any  problem, please leave comments below.

Here’s a video  version  how to install Kali Linux V2.0 Sana in virtualbox.