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Good evening everybody. It’s been a dream of every budding hacker to bypass the antivirus solutions of their targets. Well, today we have the answer in the form of a program called Shellter. To say in their own words,  “By using Shellter, you automatically have an infinitely polymorphic executable template, since you can use any 32-bit ‘standalone’ native Windows executable to host your shellcode. By ‘standalone’ means an executable that is not statically linked to any proprietary DLLs, apart from those included by default in Windows. ”

So let’s see how to install Shellter in Kali Linux Sana. The version we are using here is the latest version Shellter V5.8 which can be downloaded from here. Go to the download page and download the zip file.


Go to the Downloads folder. You will see the “” file as shown below. I copied the file to the root folder but if you want to keep the file in Downloads folder you can keep it. This step is not mandatory.


Now change the permissions of the zip file as shown below. Until you change the permissions, you cannot unzip the files. Next unzip the contents of the file. Type “ls“. You will see a new directory with name “shellter”.


You have successfully installed Shellter in Kali Linux Sana. Navigate into the directory “Shellter” to see its contents as shown below. We will see how to use Shellter to bypass antivirus in our next howto. Until then, happy hacking practice.


Here’s a video version of this howto